Thomas The Tank Engine. The Truth.

kylar > Not to mention that Thomas and Friends is all about Race Tensions dumbed down for a 4 year olds.
kylar > You think that the Steam Engines vs the Diesels isn’t about the
pressures of a technological society trying to impose it’s will upon
the established masses, or alternately, about the struggles of Blacks
vs Whites, exemplified by the “Devious Diesel” character, who is the
primary antagonist, and so happens to be BLACK!
person A > What about turbo diesels?
person B > and the helicopter?
person A > Or are they like black irish?
person C > turbo diesels steal performance, i don’t trust them
kylar > The helicopter is representative of the plutocratic conspiracies,
when the rich-dressed ‘Sir Topham Hatt’ is unable to accomplish
something via the trains, (representative of the democratic process),
he uses the helicopter to circumvent any issues, thus proving that
wealth buys power and corrupts the system.
kylar > Man, this started as a joke, but now I wonder.
kylar > >:)

Facebook Chat

Spending time on facebook
ya and im not gettin paid for it like you
That’s cause you made bad choices about life. Spending time going to college and such.
If you had a slacker attitude early in life, it would have carried you over to now.
but NOOOO you had to work hard and excel.

IM & Truthiness.

Tom 10:26:17AM “Dear Cisco HR, Today I was offended by two employee’s disgusting public display of affection in an elevator. They were kissing and groping each other in a way that I can only describe as obscene, and I was nauseated and offended to my very core. As a large vendor of Cisco products, I would hope that your company and employees would show more restraint and operate in a business like manner when customers, vendors or other employees are present. I can only say that I’m very disappointed in your company’s lack of professional conduct.”
> cc: John Chambers
bimmergeekca 10:28:03AM umm dude
> who do you think was cupping my ass when i was kissing tanya?
Tom 10:28:34AM Pedro the lunch cart guy.
> He’s been telling you he’s John Chambers for months.
bimmergeekca 10:30:13AM you believe what you want to believe. its what you do. you are immune to fact and reason
Tom 10:32:29AM I like to think of it as being unfettered by truth. You live in a boring world where things have to be logical, factual, reasonable. I have no such constraints. I can be creative, unrestrained by reality and reason. Most things, I don’t need to PROVE they’re true – I KNOW they’re true. it’s called ‘Truthiness’. George W and I have it.
> O’Shea is over here too, btw.
> Join us.
bimmergeekca 10:33:51AM tell him i say hi
Tom 10:34:03AM He already knows.

IM chats

Carrie Conversation started Thu February 21 09:53:20 2008

Tom 09:53:52AM So I’ve had this thing about how I really don’t ‘hate’ – like, it’s such a strong emotion that I rarely if ever feel real hate. Except for whenever I hear Coldplay
They’re everything that’s wrong with music!
Carrie 09:54:12AM what’s up with that?
Tom 09:54:16AM Ahahaha
Carrie 09:54:17AM why you hate on the coldplay?
Tom 09:54:30AM I don’t know, they just tickle that part of my brain
> Must be like some weird dog-whistle thing
Carrie 09:54:38AM wow
> i really like them
> saw them in concert
> so good!
Tom 09:55:16AM See, that’s like my personal hell. “And now, appearing for the 19,000’th straight time, Coldplay, with their hit song, YELLOW
> *shiver*
Carrie 09:55:26AM omg
> funny
> yeah, they actually only play that ONCE in concert
Tom 09:55:36AM I need to blog this
Carrie 09:55:38AM their last album was seriously so good
Tom 09:55:50AM No, no it was horrific in every sense
Carrie 09:55:56AM okay
> well
> you certainly don’t have to like everything
> that’s for sure
Tom 09:56:04AM Ahahaha
Carrie 09:56:10AM i’m sure you like stuff i despise, so we’ll call it even
> for now

IM Chat – betting on congress.

OK A bit of prelude – about a year ago, I bet someone $20 that Bush wouldn’t make it through his term, that he’d be impeached. So today we had this conversation:

(10:07:21 AM) alpapp3: The demos look to be in control on the whole congress.
(10:07:25 AM) Tom: Heh
(10:07:26 AM) alpapp3: Want to double down on our bet?
(10:07:30 AM) Tom: Oooo
(10:07:34 AM) Tom: Let me think about it
(10:07:38 AM) alpapp3: ok
(10:07:42 AM) Tom: Is there an option to double down
(10:07:45 AM) alpapp3: Two more years…
(10:07:55 AM) Tom: like $5 now with the option to double down for the next 6 months
(10:08:02 AM) alpapp3: Hmmm…
(10:08:21 AM) alpapp3: I will take the $5 now for you to have 3 months to decide.
(10:08:29 AM) Tom: I’ll reject that option.
(10:08:34 AM) alpapp3:
(10:08:51 AM) alpapp3: Ok, well if you change your mind, I’ll reconsider in the future (given current conditions of course!)
(10:08:57 AM) alpapp3: Risk profile changes daily.
(10:09:10 AM) alpapp3: There really ought to be options and futures markets for elections.
(10:09:14 AM) alpapp3: Maybe we can start that.
(10:09:23 AM) Tom: Ooo like gambling on congress
(10:09:30 AM) alpapp3: It’s “investing” !!!
(10:09:35 AM) Tom: Hehe
(10:09:43 AM) alpapp3: We just make the market and skim our cut
(10:09:50 AM) Tom: mmmm
(10:09:52 AM) Tom: brilliant
(10:10:06 AM) alpapp3: Can you whip together an electronic market maker in J2EE by next week?
(10:10:16 AM) Tom: Sure!
(10:10:18 AM) alpapp3: We’ll need a good DB…
(10:10:21 AM) Tom: wait, does it have to work?
(10:10:23 AM) alpapp3: distributed globally.
(10:10:36 AM) Tom: then No!
(10:10:41 AM) alpapp3: nothing really completely “works” so I guess the answer is no.
(10:10:49 AM) Tom: Then Yes!
(10:10:57 AM) Tom: I can produce a non-working J2EE app by tomorrow!
(10:10:57 AM) alpapp3: Great! We’re on it then!
(10:11:04 AM) alpapp3: hurray!
(10:11:22 AM) alpapp3: Shall I make up the business plan? With that and a non-functional app we are sure to attract many investors.
(10:11:28 AM) alpapp3: in our new venture
(10:12:07 AM) alpapp3: Maybe soemthing like this already exists… I remember seeing a web site that let you make “bets” with others about stuff…
(10:12:20 AM) alpapp3: you put in your side and your $$$ and someone can take you up on it.
(10:12:27 AM) alpapp3: It’s simpler but still pretty cool.
(10:12:34 AM) alpapp3: Can be used for politicians or whatever.