Weird Dream

My daughter has decided that most mornings she wants to go to the Y to work out. I’m OK with this in theory, but when the practice comes to her waking me up at 4:45 or 5:00am (did you know there’s a 5:00 IN THE MORNING?!) then I tend to frown on it. Regardless, being the dutiful parent that I am, I switch off with my wife, and take her to the gym a couple mornings a week. This has resulted in me being awakened from a full deep sleep a couple times, and today I was in the middle of a dream.

First, a quick back note: at work I moved to a different team a few months ago. I have a new manager, and new co-workers, and we’re still in the ‘feeling out’ phase (as my co-worker would say: “Your team is on probation.”).

So, the dream: I am living in a huge house with all the members of my team. My manager is raising giant rabbits in a set of cages outside, and another member of the team who manages a few other people is raising small hunting dogs, that look like corgis. I go out to find this person has released all of the rabbits and is trying to get his dogs to hunt and kill them. The rabbits are super fast, and his dogs aren’t fast enough to catch the rabbits, and he’s trying to compensate by picking up the dogs and throwing them at the rabbits.

I catch him doing this and I confront him, telling him: “If your dogs kill the rabbits, I’ll kill your dogs.”

There’s vengeful dream-Tom for you. Watch out.


Very strange dreams last night. I was at a fairgrounds somewhere (might have been San Jose), and there was this massive convention of conventions… there were dozens, or hundreds of huge buildings (like the size of a convention hall) and in each one was a different type of convention. Also, in one of the buildings they were holding the NFL draft. Some of my family was there – my sister had a table at the ‘Crafts’ convention and was selling some kind of tchotchkes. I was there as the interim general manager for the New York Jets, and spent some time with Brett Favre, talking about whether he would come back. He told me “I’m willing, but my legs don’t have what they used to.” I agreed, but told him that his arm was the important thing, and I’d go get the best defensive line and wide receiver to play with him. Later in the dream, I was wandering around, but someone sidetracked me and made me a better offer: to become the GM and Coach of Tampa Bay Bucs. “Of Course!” I thought, then started to make plans on how I could get Favre over there. Bear in mind that I’m not really a huge football fan, although I love listening to John Madden on the radio in the morning.

More Dreams

Last night I had two different dreams, and one I realized I’ve had before, very very weird.

The first one, the one I’ve had before, I’m part of a group of 6 or 7 people. In this dream, we are in two boats, one a larger boat, one a canoe, and we’re almost nomads, we travel from place to place in our boats over a large sea or ocean. We work together and survive. The group of people is made up of: me, although not current me, me as a younger child, perhaps around pre-teen, although I’m not sure; A man in his 30’s with lots of great survival skills, clearly our leader. Then Alan, Margaux and Punky from Punky Brewster. I don’t know who the 6th or possibly 7th person was, but at varying times I clearly remember there being 2 people in the canoe and 4 or 5 people in the slightly larger boat. A few different things happened – we encountered a large shark, other people, and once we found small outboard motor that our leader repaired and hooked up to our larger boat. Very Weird.

The second dream had myself and some college friends sitting in the front common room of a Bed and Breakfast, with 3 college friends, and as we’re talking, I realize another friend is sitting at a table nearby. I see him clearly and debate whether to overtly recognize him and call to him, and decide not to. A few moments later he looks up at me and I meet his eyes. We talk and I find myself introducing him to my 3 other friends. We all chat for a bit adnd then I wake up.

While writing this, i realized that the 4th friend was part of the group, and would already have known the 3 others.. Very, very weird.


I had a dream last night. I was driving through a parking lot in a large SUV, and I saw some pools of water and alligators in the parking lot. I knew that if I ran over them, they’d end up under my feet inside the SUV. I could avoid the jaws and head though, and be OK. So I did. I ran over part of an alligator, carefully avoiding the head. The part of the gator that I ran over appeared under my feet. I didn’t worry about it until I looked down, between my legs and saw something down there moving. When I pulled my legs up, there was part of a snake, the head and a couple feet of the body attached, and it was fully alive and trying to bite me. I kept my legs up, and it bit my pants a couple of times, but didn’t get me.

Recently in church we’ve been talking about margin – and how close do we come to something, do we leave a safe margin? This is somehow a reflection of that, I think. I could have stayed away from the gators, and instead, I tried to get close, and it bit me. The difficult thing is trying to figure out *what* I’m getting to close to. What do I need to widen the margin on?


A strange dream last night. I had gone to SF last night to see the Hip and had a stroll through part of the Mission district at dinner.

To the dream:
I had taken Christian somewhere on the bus, and the bus stop where we had gotten on was right in front of a library (I think the San Jose library near Rainbow Drive?) and taken the bus to the midsts of this large city, in a neighbourhood that wasn’t absolutely horrible, but was definately less safe than I’d want to be in with a 3 year old, past midnight. When we got off the bus, it was very late. The area around the bus stop was fairly well lit with streetlights, and I saw across the street another large library. I thought that it would be a good idea to take Christian into it, since being out here, despite the fact that there were 20+ people waiting for the bus, I felt distinctly unsafe. So I picked him up and took him across the street, and of course it was closed, and furthermore several homeless people were sleeping on it’s steps. I hadn’t gotten *to* the steps, I was still perhaps 20 or 30 feet away, and I realized that I was right on the very edge of the light projected by the pseudo-safe zone of light projected near the bus stop. I stopped and turned around and tried not to hurry back to the bus stop, holding Christian in my arms and hoping I was projecting an aura of cool calm detachment, while keeping my terror filled heart from bursting out of my chest. I was absolutely scared out of my wits that something would happen. I got back to the bus stop and a bus came around the corner, but it was a mini-coach bus, going to somewhere near LA (some kind of express). I found a well lit place to sit, and Christian nestled his head against my shoulder, and I awoke.