Thomas The Tank Engine. The Truth.

kylar > Not to mention that Thomas and Friends is all about Race Tensions dumbed down for a 4 year olds.
kylar > You think that the Steam Engines vs the Diesels isn’t about the
pressures of a technological society trying to impose it’s will upon
the established masses, or alternately, about the struggles of Blacks
vs Whites, exemplified by the “Devious Diesel” character, who is the
primary antagonist, and so happens to be BLACK!
person A > What about turbo diesels?
person B > and the helicopter?
person A > Or are they like black irish?
person C > turbo diesels steal performance, i don’t trust them
kylar > The helicopter is representative of the plutocratic conspiracies,
when the rich-dressed ‘Sir Topham Hatt’ is unable to accomplish
something via the trains, (representative of the democratic process),
he uses the helicopter to circumvent any issues, thus proving that
wealth buys power and corrupts the system.
kylar > Man, this started as a joke, but now I wonder.
kylar > >:)

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