Weird Dream

My daughter has decided that most mornings she wants to go to the Y to work out. I’m OK with this in theory, but when the practice comes to her waking me up at 4:45 or 5:00am (did you know there’s a 5:00 IN THE MORNING?!) then I tend to frown on it. Regardless, being the dutiful parent that I am, I switch off with my wife, and take her to the gym a couple mornings a week. This has resulted in me being awakened from a full deep sleep a couple times, and today I was in the middle of a dream.

First, a quick back note: at work I moved to a different team a few months ago. I have a new manager, and new co-workers, and we’re still in the ‘feeling out’ phase (as my co-worker would say: “Your team is on probation.”).

So, the dream: I am living in a huge house with all the members of my team. My manager is raising giant rabbits in a set of cages outside, and another member of the team who manages a few other people is raising small hunting dogs, that look like corgis. I go out to find this person has released all of the rabbits and is trying to get his dogs to hunt and kill them. The rabbits are super fast, and his dogs aren’t fast enough to catch the rabbits, and he’s trying to compensate by picking up the dogs and throwing them at the rabbits.

I catch him doing this and I confront him, telling him: “If your dogs kill the rabbits, I’ll kill your dogs.”

There’s vengeful dream-Tom for you. Watch out.

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