TSSJS: Day 1.

I had the fortune to be able to attend The Java ServerSide Symposium this year, a great forum/convention about java server technologies. Some of the speakers that I had the fortune to see were:

Eugene Ciurana: Mission-Critical Cloud/Enterprise Hybrid Deployments
Dan Diephouse: RESTful SOA with Mule
Andrew Lombardi: Architecting Applications Using Apache Wicket
Jason Whaley: Rapid Large-Scale SOA – Connected Products at Leapfrog Enterprises
Heath Kesler: Navigating the SOA Mine Field: Optimized Application Architectures
Josh Long: Enterprise Application Integration, and Spring
Rod Johnson: Spring & The Death Of App Servers.
Jeremy Deane: Resource Oriented Architecture Protocol (ROAP)
Neal Ford: On The Lam From The Furniture Police
Bill Burke: Scaling RESTful Services with JAX-RS

Most of these I’ll be breaking out into individual entries, but generally, the quality of content this year was very high.

One of the things I like most about TSSJS, as opposed to most of the other conferences/symposiums I attend (as an attendee or blogger), is that most of the presenters are talking from a real-world experience, having architected, refactored or built a real-world product or solution, instead of just talking about some open source project that other people use, or working on theoretical things. This is something that is really applicable to me, given that most of the work I do is in the ‘real world’ :)

Facebook Chat

Spending time on facebook
ya and im not gettin paid for it like you
That’s cause you made bad choices about life. Spending time going to college and such.
If you had a slacker attitude early in life, it would have carried you over to now.
but NOOOO you had to work hard and excel.

IM & Truthiness.

Tom 10:26:17AM “Dear Cisco HR, Today I was offended by two employee’s disgusting public display of affection in an elevator. They were kissing and groping each other in a way that I can only describe as obscene, and I was nauseated and offended to my very core. As a large vendor of Cisco products, I would hope that your company and employees would show more restraint and operate in a business like manner when customers, vendors or other employees are present. I can only say that I’m very disappointed in your company’s lack of professional conduct.”
> cc: John Chambers
bimmergeekca 10:28:03AM umm dude
> who do you think was cupping my ass when i was kissing tanya?
Tom 10:28:34AM Pedro the lunch cart guy.
> He’s been telling you he’s John Chambers for months.
bimmergeekca 10:30:13AM you believe what you want to believe. its what you do. you are immune to fact and reason
Tom 10:32:29AM I like to think of it as being unfettered by truth. You live in a boring world where things have to be logical, factual, reasonable. I have no such constraints. I can be creative, unrestrained by reality and reason. Most things, I don’t need to PROVE they’re true – I KNOW they’re true. it’s called ‘Truthiness’. George W and I have it.
> O’Shea is over here too, btw.
> Join us.
bimmergeekca 10:33:51AM tell him i say hi
Tom 10:34:03AM He already knows.

I’ve been working on my music…. man.

Over the last couple months I’ve become more interested in working on my guitar stuff. For the last 10 years or so I’ve been playing through the exact same stuff: an american standard strat, or a washburn electric (KC-40) straight into a multi-effects unit, a Boss GT-6 and direct into the PA. Very little mess, no fuss. And it was pretty good. That’s the problem. As I’ve come to realize recently, (slowly, actually, over the course of the last 6 months or so: “great is the enemy of good”). And so I decided that I didn’t want to have good tone anymore. I wanted *GREAT* tone. So I set out on my quest. I started using my tube amp again (Fender HotRod) – great clean tone. Great reverb. Horrible crunch. I looked at two people who had tone I liked. Dave Matsumura and a friend of mine, Steve garber. I talked to them about what they used. Dave pointed me to Fulltone pedals, and they were great. Steve talked to me about delays. I went to guitar showcase and tried different stuff. I read forums about what people liked. Then I tried stuff. And more stuff. Aaron loaned me some pedals. Andy Loaned me a crybaby. Try this. Try that. This guitar. That guitar. The fulltone stuff blew me away. The Crybaby wah didn’t. Andy says “Try a VOX.” Someone points me to H20 pedals. I got a bonus this fall and bought the ones I really liked. Then asked for one at christmas. Swapped some tubes on my Hot Rod to get more power tube saturation. Finally I’m getting to where I like my tone. I’m not satisfied yet, since I want to shape the sound a little more. Anyways, here’s where I ended up:

Pedal Board
Pedal Board

I’ll use these to show you what is what(B = Bottom, T = Top, number = from left, so T1 = top left, B5=Bottom right (Vox Wah).

  • T1: Canuck Custom A/B Box (Green)
  • T2: Boss DD-3 Digital Delay (white)
  • T3: Ibanez SoundTank Chorus (black)
  • T4: DOD/Digitech Stereo Flanger (GFX75) (green)
  • T5: DOD Compressor/Sustainer (FX80-B) (orange)
  • B1: Fender Amp Footswitch (Channel, Drive/More Drive)
  • B2: Fulltone Fulldrive-2 (blue)
  • B3: Fulltone OCD (white)
  • B4: Passive Volume Pedal (black)
  • B5: Vox 847 Wah (black/silver)

My signal flow goes as follows: Guitar->B5->B4->T5->B3->B2->T4->T3->T2->T1->Amp


Very strange dreams last night. I was at a fairgrounds somewhere (might have been San Jose), and there was this massive convention of conventions… there were dozens, or hundreds of huge buildings (like the size of a convention hall) and in each one was a different type of convention. Also, in one of the buildings they were holding the NFL draft. Some of my family was there – my sister had a table at the ‘Crafts’ convention and was selling some kind of tchotchkes. I was there as the interim general manager for the New York Jets, and spent some time with Brett Favre, talking about whether he would come back. He told me “I’m willing, but my legs don’t have what they used to.” I agreed, but told him that his arm was the important thing, and I’d go get the best defensive line and wide receiver to play with him. Later in the dream, I was wandering around, but someone sidetracked me and made me a better offer: to become the GM and Coach of Tampa Bay Bucs. “Of Course!” I thought, then started to make plans on how I could get Favre over there. Bear in mind that I’m not really a huge football fan, although I love listening to John Madden on the radio in the morning.