TSSJS: Eugene Ciurana : Mission Critical Enterprise/Cloud Applications Case Study

This was easily one of the best talks at TSSJS. Eugene is an excellent speaker, and his content was top-notch. His presenting style has a lot of audience participation, and kept my interest very well.

His talk was on what people tend to define as ‘cloud computing’ today – Software As A Service (SaaS), Platform As A Service (PaaS), then moved into some use-cases that he’s dealt with, including LeapFrog and others.

He spent some time going over some specific companies and what they offer, like Amazon’s S3, and RackSpace, and while not promoting any single one, went over the points that are important to weigh when selecting a Cloud provider (uptime, SLA’s, cost breakdown (Are you charged per day? per CPU? Bandwidth, etc).

He also brought into play some of the specific benefits (both technical AND business) to using a Cloud system instead of building out your own co-lo, and finished with a short Q&A session.

This session could easily have gone twice as long, as there ended up being lots of information that I still could have gotten (and I ended up catching up to him later to discuss some of the points I didn’t get to bring up during the Q&A.)

For anyone in this area, I would definitely recommend seeing this talk or speaker, if at all possible.
Overall Rating: 5/5.

TSSJS: Day 1.

I had the fortune to be able to attend The Java ServerSide Symposium this year, a great forum/convention about java server technologies. Some of the speakers that I had the fortune to see were:

Eugene Ciurana: Mission-Critical Cloud/Enterprise Hybrid Deployments
Dan Diephouse: RESTful SOA with Mule
Andrew Lombardi: Architecting Applications Using Apache Wicket
Jason Whaley: Rapid Large-Scale SOA – Connected Products at Leapfrog Enterprises
Heath Kesler: Navigating the SOA Mine Field: Optimized Application Architectures
Josh Long: Enterprise Application Integration, and Spring
Rod Johnson: Spring & The Death Of App Servers.
Jeremy Deane: Resource Oriented Architecture Protocol (ROAP)
Neal Ford: On The Lam From The Furniture Police
Bill Burke: Scaling RESTful Services with JAX-RS

Most of these I’ll be breaking out into individual entries, but generally, the quality of content this year was very high.

One of the things I like most about TSSJS, as opposed to most of the other conferences/symposiums I attend (as an attendee or blogger), is that most of the presenters are talking from a real-world experience, having architected, refactored or built a real-world product or solution, instead of just talking about some open source project that other people use, or working on theoretical things. This is something that is really applicable to me, given that most of the work I do is in the ‘real world’ :)